Wild Florida Photo - Family: Acrididae - Short-horned Grasshoppers



Short-horned Grasshoppers

Arphia granulata
Southern Yellow-winged Grasshopper
side view

Members of the Acrididae family at Wild Florida Photo:
Achurum - spine-knee toothpick grasshoppers

1 species of Achurum at Wild Florida Photo

Achurum carinatum
Long-headed Toothpick Grasshopper
dorsal view

Arphia - yellow-winged grasshoppers

1 species of Arphia at Wild Florida Photo

Arphia granulata
Southern Yellow-winged Grasshopper
face view

Chortophaga - band-winged grasshopper

1 species of Chortophaga at Wild Florida Photo

Chortophaga viridifasciata
Southern Green-striped Grasshopper
angled front view

1 species of Psinidia at Wild Florida Photo

Psinidia fenestralis
Longhorn Band-wing Grasshopper
view from above and slightly behind

Schistocerca - bird grasshoppers

1 species of Schistocerca at Wild Florida Photo

Schistocerca americana
American Bird Grasshopper
dorsal view of grasshopper on scorpionstail plant

2 species of Spharagemon at Wild Florida Photo

Spharagemon marmoratum
Marbled Grasshopper
view from above

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Acrididae is a member of the Order Orthoptera - grasshoppers and kin