Wild Florida Photo - Xyris caroliniana

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Xyris caroliniana


Florida native


A common plant of flatwoods, sandhills and scrub throughout almost all of Florida. The range includes the southeastern and mid-Atlantic coastal states from Texas to New Jersey, plus Puerto Rico.
The nearly two dozen species of Xyris that occur in Florida can be challenging to identify, requiring botanical skill and the use of a technical key. X. caroliniana is the only species in Florida with white petals, making identification easy.
The three-petaled white flowers appear on a conelike head at the end of a smooth twisted scape to 71 mm (28 in) tall. Of the three sepals, two are keel-shaped and one is membranous. Three fertile stamens alternate with three brush-like staminoides. Carolina yellow-eyed grass has narrow (up to 4mm wide) leaves that are shorter than the scape , usually 20-60 cm (-24 in.) long.

Xyris caroliniana is a member of the Xyridaceae - Yellow-eyed Grass family.

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