Wild Florida Photo - Apteria aphylla - Nodding nixie

Apteria aphylla

Nodding nixie

Florida native

Lake Co. FL 09/14/19
A diminutive wildflower of wet hammocks and bogs in much of Florida. The range extends through the coastal plain from Georgia into southeastern Texas.
The thin stems of Apteria aphylla are 3-27cm (1-3/16 to 10-1/2 in.) tall and often purplish. The leaves are often inconspicuous, 1.5-4mm (less than 3/16 in.) long, 0.5-1.5mm wide and also frequently purplish. The tubular flowers are purple and/or white, 8-14mm long and trimerous. The three outer perianth lobes are ovate to trianglular and the three inner lobes are lanceolate and about the same length (1.5-4mm - less than 3/16 in.).
Lake Co. FL 09/14/19
Lake Co. FL 09/14/19
Lake Co. FL 09/14/19
Lake Co. FL 09/14/19

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Apteria aphylla is a member of the Burmanniaceae - Burmannia family.

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