Wild Florida Photo - Physalis angulata

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Physalis angulata


Florida native


A frequent plant of sandhills, riverbanks and disturbed sites throughout most of Florida. The range includes much of the southern half of the Unites States from California to Massachusetts.
Physalis angulata is a plant that has simple (not stellate) trichones with a corolla that has either no or only faint dark spots, bluish anthers less than 2.5mm (< 1/16 in.) long and toothed leaves. Growing to a meter tall (~ 3 ft.), highly branched with alternate ovate to lanceolate-ovate leaves 5-10cm (2-4 in.) long. The yellowish bell-shaped flowers are 13mm (1/3 in.) wide with five shallow lobes and solitary in the leaf axils. The fruit is a many seeded berry enclosed in a lantern-like smooth ten-ribbed papery caylx that is sunken at the base.

Physalis angulata is a member of the Solanaceae - Potato family.

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