Wild Florida Photo - Sesbania vesicaria

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Sesbania vesicaria



Florida native


A frequent plant of moist, disturbed sites throughout much of Florida. The range extends through the southeastern coastal states from North Carolina into Texas, plus Oklahoma and Arkansas.
Sesbania vesicaria is an annual that may grow from 1-3m (~3 to 10 ft.) tall. The leaves are alternate, even-pinnate with from 20 to 40 pairs of leaflets. The pea-shaped flowers range from yellow to coral-red. The fruit is a flattened pod that most often has two seeds, but sometimes one or three.
Bladderpod contains the toxic chemical sesbaimide, which is concentrated in the seeds. Livestock can be poisoned and die from consuming the seeds.

Sesbania vesicaria is a member of the Fabaceae - Pea family.

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