Wild Florida Photo - Centaurea stoebe

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Centaurea stoebe

  var.  micranthos


Not native to Florida


This European native has been introduced into much of North America. It is typically found on roadsides and other disturbed sites and so far has only been found in one Florida County - Escambia.
Spotted knapweed is a perennial, typically with many ascending branches from 30-150cm (12 - 59 in.) tall. The stems are covered with a loose mat of short hairs (tomentose). The leaves may also be tomentose or glabrous, with the basal and lower leaf margins deeply divided into linear or oblong segments. The upper leaves are smaller and may be entire or dissected. The inflorescence is made up of 30 to 40 pink to purple, rarely white, slender florets, the sterile ones 15-25mm (6/10 - 1 in.) long and the fertile florets 12-15mm (~ 1/2 in.) long. The involucres are ovoid and appear on open cymes. The phyllaries are pale green or tinged pink.

Centaurea stoebe is a member of the Asteraceae - Aster family.