Wild Florida Photo - Justicia ovata - Looseflower waterwillow

Justicia ovata var. ovata

Looseflower waterwillow

Florida native

Wakulla Co. FL 05/26/07
A frequent wildflower of floodplain forests, marshes and cypress swamps in the northern half of the state. The range includes the southeastern coastal states from Alabama into Virginia.
The flowers are white to whitish-purple and two-lipped in loose spikes. The lower lip is deeply notched into three lobes, with purple spots from the center lobe down the throat. The upper lip is shallowly notched into two lobes. The corolla is 8-13mm (~1/3 - 1/2 in.) long. The leaves are opposite, sessile and ovate.
Wakulla Co. FL 05/26/07
Wakulla Co. FL 05/26/07
Wakulla Co. FL 05/26/07
Wakulla Co. FL 05/26/07

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Justicia ovata is a member of the Acanthaceae - Acanthus family.

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