Wild Florida Photo - Hydrolea corymbosa - Skyflower

Hydrolea corymbosa


Florida native

Osceola Co. FL 08/26/06
Osceola Co. FL 08/26/06

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A frequent wildflower of marshes, ponds and ditches in much of the peninsula and into parts of north Florida and the eastern panhandle. The range extends into Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina.
This perennial herb has stems up to 60cm (2 ft.) tall, with the upper portion hairy and the lower part smooth, but having no thorns. The leaves are alternate, elliptic to lanceolate on short petioles. The clusters of blue flowers are in terminal corymbs. The corolla is five-parted and the calyx lobes are glandular and cilliate. The pistil is divided into two elongated styles. There are 5 stamens with long filaments.


Hydrolea corymbosa is a member of the Hydroleaceae - Waterleaf family.

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