Wild Florida Photo - Yucca filamentosa

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Yucca filamentosa


Florida native


A frequent plant of sandhills and dry bluff forests in much of the state except the southern tip. The range extends throughout the southeastern states and west into Texas to Nebraska, north to the Great Lakes states and northeast into Massachusetts.
Of the three Yucca species found in Florida, Y. filamentosa is the only one with the leaf margins fraying into filamentous threads. The lanceolate leaves are typically in a basal rosette, the leaves being 2-4cm (3/4 to 1-1/2 in.) wide and 50-75cm (20-30 in.) long. The nearly white flowers hang like pendents in dense panicles at the top of a scape-like stalk 1-3m (3-10 ft.) tall and up to 2.5cm (1 in.) in diameter.

Yucca filamentosa is a member of the Agavaceae - Century-plant family.