Wild Florida Photo - Silphium asteriscus

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Silphium asteriscus



Florida native


An occasional wildflower of flatwoods along the west coast of the Florida peninsula south into Lee County and north through the central panhandle and some western panhandle counties. The range extends throughout the southeastern United States, west into Texas and Oklahoma, north into Illinois and Indiana and northeast into Maryland.
A perennial usually less than a meter (3ft.) tall, with leafy, hairy stems. Leaves are highly variable in size, shape and arrangement. The well developed stem leaves have toothed margins and are rough to the touch. The flower disks and rays are both yellow and they bloom from summer into fall. The rays have toothed tips and the involucre bracts (phyllaries) are large and arranged in two to three series.
Rosinweeds produce seed from the ray flowers as opposed to sunflowers that produce seed from the disk flowers.

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Silphium asteriscus is a member of the Asteraceae - Aster family.