Wild Florida Photo - Bejaria racemosa

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Bejaria racemosa


Synonym: Befaria racemosa

Florida native


A common shrub of flatwoods throughout most of peninsular Florida. Also occurs in Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina.
Tarflower shrubs are typically 1.2-2.4m (4-8 ft). tall. The showy flowers have 6 or 7 white to pinkish narrowly spatulate separate petals and 12 to 14 stamens. The fragrant flowers form in elongated racemes mostly in the summer and are sticky, giving this plant its common name and often trapping insects on the petals. The alternate leaves are entire and ovate to elliptic. The undersides of the leaves may be whitish-green to pinkish. The fruit is a dark - almost black - sticky, spherical capsule.

Bejaria racemosa is a member of the Ericaceae - Heath family.