Wild Florida Photo - Thrinax radiata - Florida thatch palm

Thrinax radiata

Florida thatch palm
Jamaica thatch palm
Silk top thatch palm

Florida native

Endangered Florida species

Monroe Co. FL 05/20/09

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A rare palm tree of coastal thickets on limestone in the south Florida Counties of Collier, Miami-Dade & Monroe. The range includes the West Indies, Mexico and Central America.
Florida thatch palms grow to about 9m (~ 30ft.) tall with exceptionally slendar trunks. The leaves are fan shaped and about a meter (3 ft.) wide, green above with conspicuously yellow ribs, and paler (but not silvery) below. Petioles are slender, unarmed and up to 9dm (3ft.) long. Fruit is a round white drupe 7-14mm (~1/4 - 1/2 in.) in diameter on short, but obvious stalks.
Thrinax radiata is a commercially exploited and threatened species.


Thrinax radiata is a member of the Arecaceae - Palm family.

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