Wild Florida Photo - Hieracium gronovii

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Hieracium gronovii




Florida native


An occasional wildflower of sandhills and flatwoods from Tampa Bay to Brevard County northward. Found throughout much of the eastern United States west into Texas, Oklahoma & Kansas, northwest into Missouri, Illinois & Michigan, ranging eastward to Maine, excluding Vermont & New Hampshire, also in Ontario.
The yellow flowers appear in elongated panicles from summer through early winter. Flowers have from a dozen to over 20 ray florets with toothed tips. Disk florets absent. Floral branches and overlapping pointed bracts having stalked glands. The mostly basal leaves are hairy, oblanceolate to lanceolate, with stem leaves alternate and reduced upward. The lower stem is typically piloso-hirsute with hairs form 2-4mm (1/16 - 3/16 in.) or longer. Upper stem less hairy, often stellate-pubescent. Plants can reach up to 1m (~3 ft.), although more often 30-45cm (12-18 in.) tall.
Another wildflower with somewhat similar looking flowers but not in branched panicles is Carolina desertchickory.

Hieracium gronovii is a member of the Asteraceae - Aster family.