Wild Florida Photo - Lyonia lucida - Fetterbush

Lyonia lucida

Fetterbush lyonia

Florida native

Walton Co. FL 12/31/12
A common shrub of flatwoods, bogs and cypress ponds throughout nearly all of Florida. The range extends through the southeastern coastal states from Louisiana into Virginia, plus Cuba.
While fetterbush can grow to 4-5 m (13 to 16-1/2 ft.) tall, it is often much shorter. For instance, the plants pictured here were less than 6 dm (2 ft.) tall and a large patch of Lyonia lucida seen the day before in another area of the same county were all about 1.2 m (4 ft.) tall.
Flowers are urn shaped, varying from white through shades of pink to almost red and borne in clusters at the leaf axils. Leaves are alternate, simple, elliptic, 2-8 cm (3/4-3 in.) long and 1-4 cm (~1/2 - 1-1/2 in.) wide. The margin is closely paralleled by a distinctive vein that gives the leaves the appearance of being slightly revolute. Fruit is a capsule, either rounded or urn-shaped, about 5mm (<1/4 in.) long. Characteristics of this species are corollas only 2-2.5 times longer than the calyx, and the submarginal vein on the leaves.

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Walton Co. FL 12/31/12
Walton Co. FL 12/31/12

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Lyonia lucida is a member of the Ericaceae - Heath family.

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