Wild Florida Photo - Chrysopsis godfreyi

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Chrysopsis godfreyi


Florida native

Endangered Florida species


A rare goldenaster found along the Gulf of Mexico coast from Gulf County Florida to Baldwin County Alabama. Typically found in the swales between dunes, mostly on the barrier or spoil islands.
Can be a biennial or perennial, growing to 20-50 cm (8 - 20 in.) tall. May be decumbent, ascending or erect, and either simple or branched. Cauline leaves ovate to linear-lanceolate, with entire margins, acute aspices, bases sometimes clasping, and faces either wooly or glabrous. The flowers are yellow - both ray and disk - in corymbiform to paniculiform arrays with 2-8 cm (3/4 - 3 in.) peduncles.

Chrysopsis godfreyi is a member of the Asteraceae - Aster family.

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