Wild Florida Photo - Liatris elegans - Pinkscale gayfeather

Liatris elegans

Pinkscale gayfeather
Pinkscale blazing star

Florida native

Thomas Co. GA 10/29/06
A wildflower of sandhills and mesic longleaf pinelands in the panhandle and northern peninsula south to Flagler County on the east coast and Sumter and Pasco Counties on the west side of the state. The range extends through the southeastern coastal states from South Carolina to Texas, plus Oklahoma and Arkansas.
Liatris elegans has plumose pappus bristles, four to six flowers per head, with the heads all arranged in a terminal cluster. The flowers are pink, ranging in shade from white to purple, appearing in September and October. The finely haired stem can be up to 122 cm (4 ft.) tall with the lowest leaves linear and the upper leaves reduced and alternate.
Thomas Co. GA 10/29/06
Thomas Co. GA 10/29/06

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Liatris elegans is a member of the Asteraceae - Aster family.

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