Wild Florida Photo - Hypericum chapmanii

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Hypericum chapmanii



Florida native

Endemic to Florida


An occasional plant of wet flatwoods, bogs and cypress pond margins in the Florida panhandle between the Ochlockonee and Escambia Rivers.
Usually growing from one to four meters (3 - 13 ft.) high and much branched above. The bark of older stems is soft and spongy, becoming 1-2 cm (3/8 - 7/8 in.) thick. Apalachicola St. John's-wort blooms in the summer, usually solitary in the leaf axils, but sometimes in clusters of three. Flowers are yellow with five petals and sepals, with a mass of showy stamens in the center. Small needle-like leaves are 8-25 mm (1/3 - 1 in.) long and crowded at the nodes of branches and branchlets.

Hypericum chapmanii is a member of the Clusiaceae - Mangosteen family.

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