Wild Florida Photo - Bonamia grandiflora - Florida lady's nightcap

Bonamia grandiflora

Florida lady's nightcap
Florida bonamia
Scrub morning glory

Florida native

Endemic to Florida

Endangered Florida species

U.S. Threatened species

Polk Co. FL 05/20/12
Polk Co. FL 05/20/12
Polk Co. FL 05/20/12
Polk Co. FL 05/20/12
Polk Co. FL 05/20/12
Polk Co. FL 05/20/12

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This rare member of the morning-glory family is only found in scrub habitats of Florida.
Florida lady's nightcap is a perennial prostrate vine with showy flowers that are solitary in the leaf axils. The funnel shaped corollas are blue to blue-purple, with a white throat. Flowers are 5-8 cm (2-3 in.) wide, with 2 styles and 5 stamens tipped with pale yellow anthers. The calyx has pubescent, pointed lobes much shorter than the corolla tube. The fruit is a capsule about a centimeter (less than a half inch) long containing a few seeds.
Bonamia grandiflora is the only species of this genus in Florida. Two other Bonamias occur in Texas, and a fourth species can be found in Hawaii.
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Bonamia grandiflora is a member of the Convolvulaceae - Morning-glory family.

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