Wild Florida Photo - Phyla nodiflora - Turkey tangle fogfruit

Phyla nodiflora

Turkey tangle fogfruit

Florida native

Seminole Co. FL 05/21/11
A common wildflower of beaches, hammocks and disturbed sites throughout most of Florida. The range extends through the southeastern coastal plain as far north as Pennsylvania and New Jersey and westward across the southern tier of states. Also occurrs in Oklahoma, Kansas, Oregon, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.
Turkey tangle fogfruit has tiny purplish-white flowers in rounded clusters that become cylindrical with age on long stalks. The corolla is two-lipped, the upper lip with two lobes, the lower three-lobed. Leaves of Phyla nodiflora are opposite, stalked, obovate or spatulate, widest above the middle, toothed near the tip, with a tapered base.
This low-growing wildflower has many common names, going by both fogfruit and frog-fruit, plus capeweed and carpetweed - alluding to the tendency to grow in large patches.
Often visited by various butterflies, Phyla nodiflora is a host plant for phaon crescent(Phyciodes phaon), the common buckeye(Junonia coenia) and white peacock(Anartia jatrophae) butterflies.

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Seminole Co. FL 05/21/11
Seminole Co. FL 05/21/11
Seminole Co. FL 05/21/11

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Phyla nodiflora is a member of the Verbenaceae - Verbena family.

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