Wild Florida Photo - Calystegia sepium

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Calystegia sepium

  var.  limnophila


Florida native


An occasional, perennial twining vine of marshes and disturbed sites throughout much of Florida. The range of the species Calystegia sepium covers most of North America except for the arctic territories of Canada. The limnophila subspecies found in Florida also occurs through the southeast states south of the Ohio River, plus Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico. Nevada and California.
The funnel shaped flowers appear in the leaf axils at any time of year and are usually white, but sometimes tinged with pink or purple. Having one style and five stamens, the five separate sepals are covered, and almost completely hidden, by two ovate bracts. The alternate leaves are arrow shaped with angular lobes at the base.

Calystegia sepium is a member of the Convolvulaceae - Morning-glory family.