Wild Florida Photo - Leucaena leucocephala

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Leucaena leucocephala

  var.  glabrata




Not native to Florida


An occasional shrub or small tree of hammocks, coastal strands and disturbed sites in the coastal counties of the peninsula as far north as Volusia County on the east coast and Pinellas & Hillsborough Counties on the west coast.
Leadtree grows to 10 m (~33 ft.) tall, is spineless and has alternate bipinnately compound leaves. The overall leaf is from 10 - 30 cm (4 - 12 in.) long, with pinnae in four to eight pairs, each made up of 10-20 pairs of opposite, oblong leaflets 8 - 14 mm (~ 1/4 - 1/2 in.) long. The flowers are in globose heads 2 cm ((~ 3/4 in.) in diameter and white to yellowish-white. The fruit is a flat reddish-brown to brown pod 8 - 15 cm (3 - 6 in.) long and 2 - 4 cm ( 3/4 to 1-1/2 in.) wide, usually in dense hanging clusters.
Native to the West Indies, this plant has escaped from cultivation in Florida.

Leucaena leucocephala is a member of the Fabaceae - Pea family.