Wild Florida Photo - Lilium catesbaei

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Lilium catesbaei




Florida native

Threatened Florida species

This distinctive lily is frequently found in moist flatwoods and savannas throughout much of Florida. The range extends through the southeastern coastal plain from Louisiana into Virginia.
The stalk of this erect herb grows to 60 cm (2 ft.) tall or more with alternate leaves. The leaves are sessile, lanceolate and reduced in size towards the top of the plant. The three petals are slightly wider than the sepals. Otherwise the six spreading tepals are similar in appearance, reddish orange with yellow bases containing purplish brown dots.
Lilium catesbaei is named after 18th century English naturalist Mark Catesby who travelled to the Carolinas and the Bahamas in the 1720's. Although he apparently never actually visited present day Florida, Catesby published Natural history of Carolina, Florida, and the Bahama Islands, a two volume collection of his paintings of the flora & fauna he found.

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Lilium catesbaei is a member of the Liliaceae - Lily family.

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