Wild Florida Photo - Primula meadia - Shootingstar

Primula meadia


Synonym(s): Dodecatheon meadia

Florida native

Endangered Florida species

Gadsden Co. FL 05/20/10

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A rare perennial of calcareous prairies known as glades in Gadsden County. The range extends throughout much of the eastern United States, west into Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas, as far as New York state in the northeast, and into Manitoba.
Flowering in the spring in Florida, and into June in other parts of the range. The showy flowers at the ends of recurved pedicels have five reflexed petals that are usually white, rarely pink or lavender. The five stamens and yellow anthers form a point oriented downward. The flowers are in a cluster at the top of a scape from 15-51 cm (6-20 in.) tall above a basal rosette of oblanceolate leaves.


Primula meadia is a member of the Primulaceae - Primrose family.

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