Wild Florida Photo - Lachnocaulon anceps

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Lachnocaulon anceps



Florida native


A common wildflower of flatwoods, bog and marshes throughout nearly all of Florida. The range includes the southeastern coastal states from Texas to Virginia, plus Tennessee.
Lachnocaulon anceps are usually less than 30.5cm (12 in.) but sometimes up to 40cm (15-3/4 in.) tall. The inflorescences are button-like whitish-gray heads atop leafless, pilose (hairy), weakly ribbed stems . The florets are minute with 3 stamens and lacking petals. Leaves are narrowly to broadly linear and gradually attenuate usually from 2.5-7.6cm (1-3 in.) long in basal tufts.

Lachnocaulon anceps is a member of the Eriocaulaceae - Pipewort family.