Wild Florida Photo - Aletris bracteata - Bracted colicroot

Aletris bracteata

Bracted colicroot
Southern colicroot

Florida native

Endangered Florida species

Miami-Dade Co. 04/03/05
A rare perennial of the rocky pine savannas in Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties. The range also includes the Bahamas.
The flowers are white to creamy white, sometimes tipped with orange or pinkish orange and arranged in a terminal spike. There are small bracts 5-7 mm (3/16 - 1/4 in.) long below each flower. Flowers tend to be less mealy, or bumpy, than A. lutea and may bloom any time of the year. The erect flower stalk grows from 30-61 cm (12-24 in.) tall with small leaflike bracts. The linear-lanceolate leaves are grayish green in a basal rosette.
Miami-Dade Co. 04/03/05
Miami-Dade Co. 04/03/05
Miami-Dade Co. 04/03/05
Miami-Dade Co. 04/03/05

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Aletris bracteata is a member of the Nartheciaceae -  family.

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