Wild Florida Photo - Geranium maculatum - Spotted geranium

Geranium maculatum

Spotted geranium
Wild geranium
Spotted cranesbill

Florida native

Morgan Co. TN 04/20/08
Morgan Co. TN 04/21/08
Morgan Co. TN 04/21/08

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In Florida this common geranium of rich open wooded slopes is found only in Gadsden County. The range extends throughout much of eastern North America, as far west as Kansas, Oklahoma and the Dakotas in the United States and west into Manitoba in Canada.
This showy perennial grows from 30-61 cm (12-24 in.) tall. The leaves have three to five narrow lobes, deeply toothed at the tips. The basal leaves are long-petioled. The single pair of stem leaves are opposite and short-petioled. The pink to rose-purple, or rarely white, flowers have five petals, ten stamens and one pistil and 2.5-3.5 cm (1-1.4 in.) across. The fruits are a capsule with a slender beak to 2.5 cm (1 in.) long.


Geranium maculatum is a member of the Geraniaceae - Geranium family.

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