Wild Florida Photo - Dalea feayi - Feay's prairieclover

Dalea feayi

Feay's prairieclover

Florida native

Marion Co. FL 09/13/09
A frequent wildflower of both coastal and inland scrub and sandhills in the central and southeastern peninsula, plus Franklin & Wakulla Counties of the panhandle. Also found in Long County in southeastern Georgia.
Feay's prairieclover has many small, pink to rose-purple flowers in globular terminal spikes. The legumes are compressed and straight. Dalea feayi is a branched herb to 61cm (2 ft.) tall. Leaves are alternate with 3 to 9 gland-dotted, short, narrow leaflets.
The genus name honors English botanist Samuel Dale (1659-1739) and the species is named for Wiliam T. Feay, M.D. (1803-1879) who collected in the southern United States.

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Marion Co. FL 09/13/09
Marion Co. FL 09/13/09
Marion Co. FL 09/13/09
Marion Co. FL 09/13/09

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Dalea feayi is a member of the Fabaceae - Pea family.

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