Wild Florida Photo - Helianthus radula

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Helianthus radula



Florida native


A frequent plant of wet flatwoods throughout much of the panhandle, the north and central peninsula, plus Collier County. The range includes the southeastern coastal states from Louisiana to South Carolina.
The distinctive brown-purple disk floret on a stem typically a meter (39 in.) or more tall, usually has no ray florets, or if it does, they are typically few in number, small and yellow. Well developed basal leaves. hairy and rough in rosettes, lower stem leaves are opposite and elliptic to ovate, greatly reduced above, with the upper stem leafless.
The tiny spider in several of the photos is one of the Mecaphesa species and are called either flower spiders or crab spiders.

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Helianthus radula is a member of the Asteraceae - Aster family.

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