Wild Florida Photo - Ardisia crenata - Scratchthroat

Ardisia crenata

Hen's eyes
Coral ardisia

Not native to Florida

Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council: Category I designation

This plant is an invasive exotic that is altering native plant communities by displacing native species, changing community structures or ecological functions, or hybridizing with natives.
This species should never be planted (many with this designation are prohibited by law), and generally should be removed whenever possible.

Alachua Co. FL 04/22/07
This native of Japan and southern Asia has escaped cultivation and can now be found in moist hammocks from the central panhandle through north Florida into the central peninsula.
Leaf margins are crispate-undulate (somewhat wavy in both planes) and the fruit can be red or white.
Volusia Co. FL 02/27/10
Volusia Co. FL 02/27/10
Volusia Co. FL 02/27/10
Alachua Co. FL 04/22/07

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Ardisia crenata is a member of the Myrsinaceae - Myrsine family.

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