Wild Florida Photo - Hypoxis curtissii

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Hypoxis curtissii




Florida native


A common wildflower of wet hammocks thought much of Florida, excluding the southern tip. The range includes the southeastern coastal states from Texas into North Carolina.
Curtis' stargrass can be differentiated from the other species of Hypoxis by having leaves that are broadest at or above the midpoint and having prominent secondary veins.
The species name honors Allen Hiram Curtiss, a Virginian who came to Florida in 1875 and settled in Jacksonville. In 1880 and 1881 he traveled through the keys, and after 1900 he botanized in other southern states and the West Indies. In a seven year period Curtiss collected nearly 1500 species. At least a dozen Florida species or subspecies bear the name curtissii. .

Hypoxis curtissii is a member of the Hypoxidaceae - Yellow Stargrass family.

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