Wild Florida Photo - Lilium superbum - Turk's cap lily

Lilium superbum

Turk's cap lily
Turkscap lily

Florida native

Endangered Florida species

Buncombe Co. NC 06/30/07
Smyth Co. VA 07/04/06
Smyth Co. VA 07/04/06
Buncombe Co. NC 06/30/07
Buncombe Co. NC 06/30/07

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In Florida a rare plant of hammocks in the panhandle counties of Jefferson, Leon and Liberty. While the primary range is the Appalachian mountains, Lilium superbum is also found in scattered locations west to the Mississippi River, plus Arkansas and Missouri. It requires shaded ground and is usually in moist areas such as wet meadows or damp places on wooded slopes.
This plant can reach a height of 3 meters with a stiff, straight stem. The elliptic to lanceolate leaves are whorled and widest at the middle. The flowers appear in summer and are drooping with six recurved orange and yellow tepals with darker spots.Each tepal has a green wedge at the base, forming a star pattern. This green in the flower helps to distinguish Turk's cap lily from Carolina lily (L. michauxii), which also has leaves that are widest above the middle.


Lilium superbum is a member of the Liliaceae - Lily family.

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