Wild Florida Photo - Sarracenia flava

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Sarracenia flava



Florida native


A frequent perennial of bogs, acid swamps and flatwoods from Leon and Wakulla Counties westward through the panhandle plus Hamilton, Columbia and Alachua Counties. The range extends through the southeastern coastal plain from Alabama through Virginia, plus New Jersey.
The leaves of this species are formed into a tall trumpet-shaped tube with an elevated hood that extends over the opening. This tube contains nectar to attract insects, and downward pointing hairs to hinder escape. The plant obtains nutrition from these trapped insects to compensate for the nutrient-poor soils that they typically grow in.
Sarracenia flava has tubes that are yellow inside and most frequently light green on the outside. There are many tube and vein color variations, often with varying amounts of reddish-brown to purple. Seven color variants of S. flava are recognized, my images here have them identified in the captions. A very good breakdown of these variants can be found at sarracenia.com. The species of the Sarracenia genus also often hybridize with each other.
The solitary, drooping flowers appear in the spring on long leafless stalks. Five strap-like yellow petals hang down over the upside-down umbrella-shaped style.

The photo below - "O Sarracenia" showing a field of pitcher plants in Apalachicola National Forest - earned a Merit Award in the Photography category of the 2011 Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Art Competition held in conjunction with the Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival in Titusville, FL.

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Sarracenia flava is a member of the Sarraceniaceae  - Pitcher-plant family.

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