Wild Florida Photo - Liatris spicata - Dense gayfeather

Liatris spicata

Dense gayfeather
Dense blazing star
Marsh blazing star

Florida native

Brevard Co. FL 10/06/05
Occassional plant of sandhills and flatwoods throughout most of Florida. The range extends from Louisiana to Wisconsin eastward except extreme northeast New England.
Dense blazing star has a smooth or nearly smooth stem typically a meter tall or more. The many heads of purple florets are sessile in a spikelike raceme. Leaves are alternate, linear, smooth or nearly so and non-cilliate at the base. The lower stem leaves are largest.
Volusia Co. FL 10/01/11
Volusia Co. FL 10/01/11
Volusia Co. FL 10/01/11
Brevard Co. FL 10/06/05
Brevard Co. FL 10/06/05

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Liatris spicata is a member of the Asteraceae - Aster family.

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