Wild Florida Photo - Dicerandra linearifolia - Coastalplain balm

Dicerandra linearifolia var. robustior

Coastalplain balm

Florida native

Suwannee Co. FL 09/21/05
Suwannee Co. FL 09/21/05
Suwannee Co. FL 09/21/05
Suwannee Co. FL 09/21/05

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An occasional plant of sandhills from the central Florida panhandle to the upper Suwannee River area, plus Alachua and Duval Counties. Coastalplain balm also occurs in Georgia.
The robustior variety has a red to bright purple corolla with reddish-brown anthers while the linearifolia variety has white to pale purple corolla and bright yellow anthers. The lighter flower variety is found in the western and north-central panhandle with its Florida range only overlapping the robustior variety in Jackson County.


Dicerandra linearifolia is a member of the Lamiaceae - Mint family.

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