Wild Florida Photo - Ptelea trifoliata - Common hoptree

Ptelea trifoliata

Common hoptree
Wafer ash
Skunk bush

Florida native

Volusia Co. FL 03/19/05
Clay Co. FL 04/21/18
Volusia Co. FL 03/19/05
Volusia Co. FL 03/19/05
Volusia Co. FL 03/19/05

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An occasional shrub or small tree of mesic hammocks in the central and north peninsula and also in some panhandle counties. The range extends throughout the eastern United States west into Arizona and Utah and northwest into Nebraska and Minnesota. Also found in Ontario and Quebec.
Growing to only 7.5m (25 ft.) tall, this plant has distinctive alternate leaves with long petioles and usually three leaflets, but sometimes five. The leaves give off a musky odor if crushed. The greenish-white flowers appear near the end of branches in open-spaced, branching panicles. The is the only member of the citrus family in Florida with fruit that is a samara.


Ptelea trifoliata is a member of the Rutaceae - Citrus family.

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