Wild Florida Photo - Crotalaria lanceolata

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Crotalaria lanceolata


Not native to Florida


This Africa native can be found in disturbed sites throughout much of Florida. It is also found in the southeastern coastal states from Alabama to North Carolina plus Louisiana and Hawaii. Of the more than a dozen species of Crotalaria in Florida, only four are native to the state.
Lanceleaf rattlebox has alternate, linear to lanceeolate trifoliate leaves that are sharp-tipped. The fruits are cylindrical, hairy and upcurved at the tip. C. lanceolata has yellow pea-shaped flowers up to 1 cm long with red-brown lines or spots. The stem is minutely hairy, branched and can grow to one meter or more tall.

Crotalaria lanceolata is a member of the Fabaceae - Pea family.

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