Wild Florida Photo - Polygonia interrogationis - Question mark

Polygonia interrogationis

Question mark

Florida native

Maury Co. TN 10/30/05
Maury Co. TN 10/30/05
Maury Co. TN 10/30/05

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Polygonia interrogationis ranges from southern Canada, west to the eastern edge of the Rocky Mountains, southwest into southern Arizona and Mexico, and all of the eastern United States except the southern Florida peninsula. In northern and central Florida these butterflies are usually found in hardwood swamps and hammocks, seldom in gardens.
Caterpillar hosts include trees in the elm family, hackberry, Japanese hop, nettles and false nettle. Adult food includes rotting fruit, tree sap, dung and carrion. If these preferred food sources are unavailable, question mark butterflies will visit flowers such as common milkweed, asters and sweet pepperbush.


Polygonia interrogationis is a member of the Nymphalidae - Brush-footed butterflies family.

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