Wild Florida Photo - Asbolis capucinus - Monk skipper

Asbolis capucinus

Monk skipper

Not native to Florida

Collier Co. FL 01/02/19
Collier Co. FL 01/02/19

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Seen in areas near palms in peninsular Florida. The range includes the West Indies. Apparently an introduced species as it was not known in Florida earlier than the 1940's.
This is one of our larger skippers with a wingspan of 45-60mm (1-3/4 to 2-1/3 in.). The wing undersides of both sexes are a fairly uniform mahogony brown with minute light flecks. The upperside is a dark brown with a reddish area at the base of the forewing.
Various palms are larval hosts with the caterpillars feeding on mature leaves and folding fronds to make a nest. Nectar favorites include hibiscus and other large flowers.


Asbolis capucinus is a member of the Hesperiidae - Skippers family.

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