Wild Florida Photo - Archips rileyana

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Archips rileyana


Florida native


This small moth ranges through the Florida panhandle west into Texas and north through the Mississippi Valley into Illinois, Indiana & Ohio.
The wings are a light yellowish brown, almost beige with several rows of various sized darker dots. The spot patterns are variable. The wingpsan is 28mm (just over an inch).
Larval hosts are buckeye and hickory.
The species is named for Charles Valentine Riley (18431895). Born in London, England Riley moved to the United States at the age of seventeen and became a leading entomologist in this country in the late 1800's.
Thanks to Kyhl Austin at bugguide.net for identifying the moth species in these photographs.

Archips rileyana is a member of the Tortricidae - Tortricid Moths family.

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May 25, 2018