Wild Florida Photo - Thorybes pylades - Northern cloudywing

Thorybes pylades

Northern cloudywing

Florida native

Volusia Co. FL 03/25/20
Volusia Co. FL 03/25/20
Volusia Co. FL 03/25/20

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Found throughout Florida, the range includes most of the United States, although sparse in the Great Plains and extending into southernmost Canada and northernmost Mexico.
Very similar to the Southern cloudywing (Thorybes bathyllus) but with fewer and smaller spots on the forewing. Overall dark brown with a white spot pattern most commonly two near the center of the leading edge and three closer to the tip and a couple in the central area of the forewing. Males have a dark costal fold containing scent glands.


Thorybes pylades is a member of the Hesperiidae - Skippers family.

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