Wild Florida Photo - Canis rufus

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Canis rufus



Synonym: Canis lupus rufus, Canis niger

Florida native

U.S. Endangered species

The red wolf was extirpated from Florida nearly a hundred years ago. The current state distribution consists of one small population of re-introduced wolves in the panhandle.
The taxonomic identity of the original Florida wolf is up for debate. While wolves in the eastern United States are Canis rufus, there are some who feel that the Florida animals consisted of two distinct subspecies, the Florida Red Wolf and the Florida Black Wolf. For more information visit the extensive Wikipedia page on red wolves.
The photo here was made of a captive red wolf in a breeding program at the Sewee Visitor & Environmental Education Center in Francis Marion National Forest, South Carolina.

Canis rufus is a member of the Canidae - Coyotes, Dogs, Foxes, Jackals, and Wolves family.

For more information on this species, visit the following link:
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission page for this species

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Dec 01, 2015