Wild Florida Photo - Ascia monuste

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Ascia monuste

  var.  phileta


Florida native


The great southern white is mostly seen in coastal areas, although it can sometimes be found inland in central and south Florida. The range of this subspecies extends along the southeastern coast from Louisiana to South Carolina.
Several generations are produced each year, and sometimes great numbers can be seen flying along the coast.
The uppersides of the forewings have a black border extending into the wing as a series of triangular points. The wings of both sexes are white on top, with the females having a small dark spot in the middle of the forewing that is visible from both sides of the wing. The underside of females is gray, males have white forewings and hindwings that are yellow underneath. The tips of the antenna are bright blue. Wingspans range from 4.5 - 6 cm (1-3/4 - 2-1/3 in.).
Host plants include herbs in the mustard(Brassicaceae) and saltwort(Bataceae) families, and the non-native garden plant nasturtium(Tropaeolum majus).

Ascia monuste is a member of the Pieridae - Whites & Sulphurs family.

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