Wild Florida Photo - Homaledra sp.

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Homaledra sp.

unidentified species



Florida native


These are images of the damage and frass from a caterpillar in the genus Homaledra.
There are three Homaledra species that can be found in Florida. H. sabalella. the palm leaf skeletonizer, and H. heptathalama, the exclamation moth, are both native to the area. A recently invasive species, as yet unnamed, has been found, mainly in cocconut palms in south Florida.
The larval stage of these moths mainly eat the part of the palm frond between the veins, leaving a 'skeleton' of the leaf. They are usually first noticed by the profuse amount of frass (excrement) stuck on the underside of the frond in webbing.

Homaledra sp. is a member of the Pterolonchidae - Lance-wing Moths family.

For more information on this species, visit the following link:
IFAS Okeechobee County Extension Service page on this species

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Nov 17, 2014