Wild Florida Photo - Neoclytus caprea

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Neoclytus caprea


Florida native


Banded ash borers can be found throughout eastern North America and west into Idaho to Arizona.
The adult beetles are 8-17mm (1/3-2/3 in.) long, black with yellow markings across the top front of the thorax, plus four bands of yellow across the elytra (wing covers) with the first two bands nearly forming a pair of circles. The larvae are up to 22mm long (7/8 in.) and feed on mostly downed or dead timber. The preferred host is ash, but they can also be found in other trees, such as oak, elm, hickory, hackberry and eucalyptus. They seldom attack healthy trees. Adult beetles normally emerge in early spring, and often can be found on firewood.

Neoclytus caprea is a member of the Cerambycidae - Longhorned beetles family.

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Aug 02, 2014