Wild Florida Photo - Automeris io - Io moth

Automeris io

Io moth
Peacock moth

Florida native

Coffee Co. TN 09/30/13
Volusia Co. FL 11/22/13
Coffee Co. TN 09/30/13

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Io moths can be found throughout Florida and much of eastern North America.
Adults are large moths with wingspans of 5-8cm (~2-3 in.). The large eyespots with a white centered black & blue bullseye on the hind wings are distinctive. Overall color varies from reddish brown to yellowish, with females being redder and males yellower. There is a Florida subspecies - A. io lilith - of which the females are a brighter red and the males are orange.
Caterpillars can be up to 7cm ( 2-3/4in.) long. They have clusters of short stinging spines and a pair of thin stripes, red over blue, along the side. Early instars are orange, then mature to a pale blue-green.


Automeris io is a member of the Saturniidae - Giant silkworm moths family.

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