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Anaxyrus fowleri


Synonym: Bufo fowleri, Bufo woodhousii fowleri

Florida native


In Florida, Fowler's toads are only found in the panhandle. The range extends west into east Texas, up the Mississippi River drainage as far as Iowa and Illinois, and into most of the eastern states except Maine. in Georgia and South Carolina distribution is only inland, not occurring near the Atlantic Coasts of these states.
These toads prefer open woodlands, sand prairies, meadows and beaches. They burrow underground during hot, dry periods and in the wintertime. The body is 5-9.5cm (2 - 3-3/4 in.) long, brown, gray or olive green in color, with alight mid-dorsal stripe and black edged dark spots on the back. Males tend to be darker than females. The underside is light, usually unspotted, but Fowler's toads often have a single dark spot on the breast.
All North American members of the Bufo genus are now considered by most experts to be of the genus Anaxyrus. There are 3 species in Florida, A. folweri, A. terrestris - southern toad - and the tiny oak toad - A. quercicus.
You can view a video of a Fowler's toad singing on YouTube - The Music of Nature Channel.

Anaxyrus fowleri is a member of the Bufonidae - Bufonidés, Bufonids, Crapauds & Toads family.

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