Wild Florida Photo - Otus asio

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Otus asio


Florida native


These small owls are resident in Florida's wooded habitats. The range extends throughout much of the United States east of the Rockies and into some border areas of Canada.
Small owls, only 21.5 - 23 cm (8.5 - 9 in.) tall, they can be gray or various shades of reddish-brown. Eastern screech owls have a large head and almost no neck. Distinctive ear tufts are often raised. The tail is short and square and the wings are rounded.
The owl pictured here is Mr. Frodo, one of the Wild About Birds residents. This owl fell out of the nest onto a concrete driveway before learning to fly. Injuries prevent his return to the wild, so he is used by Wild About Birds for educational programs and events.
I would like to thank Wild About Birds for letting me photograph this Eastern screech owl.

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Otus asio is a member of the Strigidae - Typical Owls family.

For more information on this species, visit the following link:
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Nov 11, 2018