Wild Florida Photo - Zenaida macroura

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Zenaida macroura


Florida native


An extremely common bird often seen perched on roadside wires or feeding on open ground in grasslands, agricultural fields, backyards and roadsides. The natural habitat is open country with scattered trees and along woodland edges.
They range through much of the United States and Mexico year-round. During the summer a migrant population breeds in the upper plains and rocky mountain states and into the southern areas of Canada. Non-breeding migrants spend the winter in Central America and along the Mexico coasts.
Mourning doves are gray above and pale peach-colored below, with black spots on the wing coverts. They have small heads, thin black bills and pinkish legs.

Zenaida macroura is a member of the Columbidae - Doves and Pigeons family.

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Dec 07, 2018