Wild Florida Photo - Exoprosopa fasciata - Progressive bee fly

Exoprosopa fasciata

Progressive bee fly

Florida native

Marion Co. FL 09/13/09

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Bee flies are flies that resemble bees and are usually found resting on flowers or open ground. All members of the Diptera (flies) order - including bee flies - have a single pair of membranous wings, with the hindwings reduced to tiny structures called halteres.
Exoprosopa fasciata is one of the more common species of this genus in the eastern United States. Their larvae are parasitic on June beetles (genus Phyllophaga).
Progressive bee flies have brown wings and large brown compound eyes. The thorax is black and reddish-brown. The abdomen is black with yellow bands. The species name - fasciata - means banded.


Exoprosopa fasciata is a member of the Bombyliidae - Bee Flies family.

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