Wild Florida Photo - Neocicada hieroglyphica

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Neocicada hieroglyphica


Florida native


Of the 19 species of cicadas occurring in Florida, this is the earliest to be heard each year, present from late spring through early summer. The range extends throughout the southeastern United States, west into Louisiana, plus Kansas and Missouri. In Florida these cicadas can be found at least as far south as Sebring, possibly farther.
A medium sized cicada, with a forewing length from 23 - 32 mm (0.9 - 1.25 in.). The four other Florida cicadas of this size are in the Diceroprocta genus. Neocicada hieroglyphica has a distinctive green and black pattern on the upper parts of the body; the head, pronotum, and thorax. The abdomen is usually brown, sometimes brownish-black, and the underside is pale green to whitish. Wings are clear with pale green to dark veins.
Hieroglyphic cicadas are frequently found in forest habitat, and are reported to be partial to oaks. The cicada pictured here was on Gaillardia in a coastal habitat.
The song starts with a sequence of progressively softer whiny bursts and ends with an even whine.

Neocicada hieroglyphica is a member of the Cicadidae - Cicadas family.

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